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At a glance

Translating Software carpentry and Data carpentry open Access lesson material into Spanish

Contact lead: @orchid00 contact me.

Issue area: #OpenAccess, #OpenData, #OpenEducation, #OpenResearch

Region: #LatinAmerica_and_Caribbean

Types of Support Needed: #Coding, #Communications, #Community_Grassroots, #Organizing, #Research, #Translation

Project Website:


Any bilinguals (English-Spanish)? this is your cup of tea and you can help a great project! I’m a volunteer at the Carpentries Software carpentry and Data carpentry our goal is to teach researchers basic programming skills to be able to do their research more efficiently. These two are non for profit organisations, which you are more than welcome to join. Recently, we had an open call to grow our community in LatinAmerica. One of the goals is to translate and maintain versions of each lesson in Spanish! As an Open Access, Open Education and Open research project. This is to show that many researchers in Latin America will benefit from these lessons translated, and all your work will be mentioned as contributors.

What kinds of support do we need?

  • Review the already translated lessons (Git and shell, R-gapminder).
  • Work with translating other available lessons.
  • We also need maintainers.

What do you need?

For this project, people should have fluent English and Spanish skills. We also need your motivation to learn, or if you are already a Git Master, we need you too!